Lighthouse Road Trip – Day 8 – Tillamook & Lincoln City

Turns out there have been 19 of us PleasureWay owners cruising the west coast of Washington and Oregon. We became 20 when Sherrie and Tina met up with us here in Lincoln City.

After a quiet night under the trees in Fort Stevens State Park Campground, we wiggled our way down Oregon’s dramatic coast to Cannon Beach. From there a turn-off gave us the closest view possible of the Tillamook Rock Lighthouse. As its name implies, the lighthouse sits on a rock — built there a mile away from shore in 1881. If you look on Wikipedia at a closer shot of the rock, you’ll see it appears like a monster head coming out of the sea. The Indians and 19th century seamen had a heyday creating stories and legends about it.

Looking south, we saw this.

Yes, it is still raining off and on. But we have had some glorious sunny moments, too.

Next stop, lunch at the Tillamook Cheese Factory a little over an hour south through more gorgeous vistas interrupted by the occasional jarring patches left by clear cutting.

I met up with Bill and Rita at one turnout.

And we enjoyed a cheesy lunch together.

The next task was supposed to be finding the Cape Mears Lighthouse. Trouble was, the planned route was closed. It being way past my nap time with a tummy heavy from grilled cheese and a chocolate mint ice cream cone, I was too tired to make the extra effort to find the alternate route. I headed south through cow farms.

And sloughs.

And coastline. This is the beach at Pacific City.

Now we are nestled in our vans parked in the Premier RV Resort in Lincoln City. At cocktail hour we gathered in the community room to rehash our days.

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