Muir Woods National Monument

While my daughter and her two boys visited me in August, we took a walk through the Muir Woods National Monument, which is 30 minutes on a super-curvy road over the hill from my house. My third grandson, who is four months old, pushed in his stroller by his mother, joined us.

Important to my quest to see the National Parks, I obtained some useful items from the Visitor Center.

1) A Senior Pass. Cost for my lifetime: $10 (going up to $80 in October!) Three adults can accompany me on this pass. The children are free.


2. My National Parks Service Passport. I bought one for each of my grandsons, too.

3. A stamp on my passport. Muir Woods isn’t a National Park, so this doesn’t count for my quest, but the passport is a start.


The trail loops up one side of the narrow valley of tall trees and back the other. The loop is connected by frequent bridges across the valley. There are also trails heading out from the loop, but we stuck close to the entrance. There isn’t much more to say about the woods that you can’t see in the photos.







2 thoughts on “Muir Woods National Monument

  1. Good for you!!! When we visited our first National Park with our passes, I wanted to buy the passports. We are such minimalists, my husband said no we don’t need more stuff to carry around. Oh how we now wished we had started it….love the idea to do it for the grandsons!

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