Almost Official RVer

The last time I wrote, which was nearly six months ago, I announced I wanted to be an RVer. Well, I put down my deposit on a 21-foot Lexor and when it arrives in May things will be official. I can’t wait. The first road trip that Annie, my corgi, and I will take will be to Bodega Bay where, for a night, my Lexor will be a beach house. I have named the Lexor Ramsey because he is a Dodge Ram 3500. (I can’t seem to find a big strong man to travel with, so I paid for a big strong truck.) From what I see on the web, there are several campgrounds to choose from in Bodega Bay. I’ve found RV-Land’s equivalent to Facebook, which is Maybe I’ll see if there is someone on it who can give me advice about which place in Bodega Bay is the best. Meanwhile, I have been watching video after video on how to dump black and gray tanks and I’ve made sure Ramsey will fit in my driveway and that I can legally park him there according to my city’s code. The people at PleasureWay in Sacramento where I ordered Ramsey sent a test drive model over to my house to give the Lexor a test fit. My neighbor was horrified, but it is the only driveway I have. So what can I do? Two nights ago I watched Robin Williams in the movie RV, which was too silly, but after watching all those video’s, made me laugh. Meanwhile, I am going to learn to play pickleball, a game I had never heard of but which, I’ve learned, is very fun. It’s supposed to be the rage in RV camps. There are free lessons near me on Tuesdays and if the rain lets up tomorrow, I’m heading out to give the game a try.