Layout Plans for Converting a ProMaster© City Cargo Van to a Mini-Campervan

Hi again,

In response to my last blog about my new campervan, Ramsey Jr, I received requests for specifics for the furniture I used and where I purchased it. Here is a list. I am also inserting my detailed plans and elevations to show you where I placed everything so far.

Note that I am 5′-7.” I barely fit lengthwise in the cargo section when the back seat is tumbled forward. If you are taller, you will need to purchase a cargo van without the back seat. Also, I have included things like lots of water bottles in preparation for boondocking for 7 days in one stretch.

List of essentials


This photo from the Ram ProMaster website shows how the van looks with the seats in place. This is how I need the van to be when I am hauling grandchildren around. Since the main purpose of this van is to visit my grandchildren 400 miles away, this was an important feature for me.

Promaster City w back seats up

The rest of the drawings illustrate how the furniture is arranged when the back seat is tumbled forward and I am actually camping. The layout allows for a nice open space in the middle, which I really like. It reminds me of the layout for VW Campers, just a wee bit smaller. The ceiling is high enough to walk around in the space hunched over.




For the shelf, I used the IKEA Pinnig ‘bench with shoe storage.’ See my note about installing the middle shelf upside down to give the shelf a lip that holds in drawers/boxes.


As you can see from the next elevation, I can sit on the folded mattress, which serves as a ‘couch.’ The sleeping bag is converted to a back cushion for the ‘couch.’




Working Position

Here is the listing for the table that I have. I bought it for my Class B. I love it because it can be a coffee table or a dining table, and there are no cross-bars, allowing my knees to fit under the table easily. But the price has gone up considerably on new ones. Sorry about that. Look up Beckworth & Co. They may make a less expensive version now.


Last but not least, something that is very important to us old folks. I double up the plastic bags and bring along a container of hamster shavings to sprinkle on top. The shavings prevent bad smells. During the day, the toilet becomes another convenient surface to place things at a workable height. I know, it sounds gross to use your toilet as a work surface but really….


This last photo, which was in my last post, shows you where I place the canvas bags filled with my clothes. I use a bungee cord to attach them to hooks on the seat belts. A black-out curtain hangs across the front area from a tension rod so that you can’t see in from the front windows.

Meet Ramsey Jr Thumbnail




7 thoughts on “Layout Plans for Converting a ProMaster© City Cargo Van to a Mini-Campervan

  1. Hi Mary, I love your set up. I bought a ProMaster City last March. If I had seen your post before then I might have got the one with seats for passengers. I have had a friend help me with building a bed platform and adding a battery and converter. But I really like how you can easily set the foam bed as a chair. I have taken a couple of trips in mine and love the freedom of being able to stop at reststops or truckstops to sleep if needed.

    My dog absolutely loves traveling. I would be curious to know where your dog sits while you are driving and if you have found a safe place for him/her.


    • Hi Linda. Annie sits/sleeps in the foot area of the passenger seat. Occasionally she sits in the seat, but a quick stop or two reminds her that it isn’t such a safe place and she goes back down to the foot area. I have a small mat there for her. Nice to hear from another City driver. Have you named yours?

      • Yes, I call her Vanette.
        My dog is too big (60 lbs) to fit in the foot area. I have a platform & cushion for the front seat so it gives her more room. (don’t see a way to post a picture here) She also likes to sit on my bed and look out the window. I tried using a halter and restraint when she was in the front seat but she still hops between the seats to the back and then gets stuck.

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