Lighthouse Road Trip – Day 6

Another gorgeous day touring the countryside of western Washington State. I skipped visiting the first lighthouse on our list in favor of following my new friends Bill and BJ who are locals of the Tacoma area. They drive a Pleasureway Pursuit, which is roomier than my Lexor, but equally agile.

Bill and BJ showed me Twanoh State Park on the Hood Inlet. The fiord is shallow, hence the water gets warm in summer.

Bill spent many happy times as a child swimming, boating, and fishing there. He and BJ provided the same enjoyment for their children.

The drive from Gig Harbor to the Pacific Coast -— where we would find Gray’s Harbor Lighthouse — took about three hours — a little more if you count my stop in Aberdeen for a nap.

Gray’s lighthouse is Washington’s tallest.

It was closed, giving those of us who wanted one, an excuse not to climb its 132 steps.

Tim O’Malley, our fearless leader, had made rezzies for us at the American Sunset RV Park just six minutes from the lighthouse.

It’s in the fishing village of Westport where some of us (including Hans and Merrilee in the video) went to have a look around, and where most of us gathered for a fish and chips dinner at Beckett’s on the main drag.

Tomorrow we follow the coast southward 111 miles to the next grouping of lighthouses and the mouth of the Columbia River.

I am going to insert one more video of the American Sunset RV Park just to give them a plug. The new owners were great and the park has everything. Only tip, Verizon works better then my T-Mobile hence this latish post.

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