Lighthouse Road Trip – Day 1 – Andersen WalMart

This is my first attempt at blogging from my phone as a road trip progresses. On May 6, I will meet up with 20 other PleasureWay Class B RV owners in Anacortes WA. From there we will cruise south along the Pacific Coast from lighthouse to lighthouse, ending our “rolling rally” in Trinidad CA. First leg, get to Anacortes from Marin County CA.

Yesterday, I made it to Andersen at the northern end of California’s Central Valley. I was aiming for Redding 12 miles farther, but I called the WalMart there and learned that a city ordinance prevents them from allowing RVs to park overnight. The ‘associate’ helpfully suggested I call the Andersen WalMart and here I am. I’ve seen so many videos about staying at WalMarts that I’m excited to finally try it.

I arrived around 7:30 and took Annie for a walk enjoying a warm evening. I then steamed some asparagus to go with the roast chicken I’d bought at Sprouts and ate while watching the world go by in the Andersen super center. What a kick.

Tomorrow I head to Crater Lake National Park.

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