California Delta – Rio Vista, Locke, and Lake Solano

Even though the weather report promised rain, I headed out for the St. Patrick’s Day weekend for a three-day road trip to the California Delta. Here’s the vlog:

In case you don’t feel like watching the seven-minute video, here’s the map and some of the highlights: First night at my favorite Sandy Beach County Campground in Rio Vista on the Sacramento River. Gorgeous drive along the levees toward Sacramento, with a stop at the old Chinese town, Locke. A Starbucks stop in Sacramento, then west toward Lake Solano, another county park (only $20/night for seniors plus a dollar/dog). I stopped at a bakery in Winters, which is an adorable town, and purchased a yummy chocolate eclair. I spent a peaceful night in the woods with the peacocks by Lake Solano. Sunday morning I explored Winters, then headed home with a stop at the Costco in Vacaville to fill up on gas. A perfect trip. I highly recommend it.

Sandy Beach

Sandy Beach County Park in Rio Vista

California Delta

California Delta



Bridge over Sacramento River

Delta market

Locke Chinese Medical Office

Bath in Locke

Lake Solano

Lake Solano

Ramsey sug as a bug in Lake Solano County Campground

Ramsey snug as a bug at Lake Solano County Campground. They have electric and water hook-up sites but I didn’t use them.

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