Planning to See the National Forests

Hi. I’m back from a week visiting my grandchildren (the three-year-old loved Ramsey) and ready to plan out how I will visit all the national parks in the continental US during the next ten years. We’ll start with my home state, California. Here is a map put out by the park services that I found online.

And here is my checklist based on the map above.

California National Parks Checklist

Just compiling the list was educational. I’d never heard of Manzanar. Next step is to visit the Muir Woods, which I’ve been to, and which is close to me. The purpose is to obtain a Senior Pass for the National Parks. It is my understanding that the wait time for purchasing one online takes several months and this will take a few hours, plus give me a nice outing. The hard part is finding places to stay during the busy summer season.

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