First Overnight

Ramsey's First Overnight

The Hood

Annie, Basil (as in Basil Rathbone – my daughter’s Norwich Terrier who is visiting for a while) and I had our first overnight in Ramsey at the bottom of my driveway. It was quite peaceful. My neighbor greeted us cheerfully as she fetched her newspaper and we emerged from our elephant. For the last two days since I picked this beast up from the dealer, I have been equipping him, trying to anticipate the essentials needed for a real overnight away from home. The potty is properly set up with chemicals. I have figured out the locks and lights. And I’m learning to drive around town without popping the curbs at every corner. (I can’t get used the tail behind me.) But I still have a mound of manuals to read through. Last night I watched the video from the Dodge Ram people.

Just a note on picking Ramsey up from the RV dealer. The hardest part was insisting that the ‘walk through’ guy address me with his instructions and not my male companion, who was there because I needed a ride and moral support. Am I surprised that the RV world is a bit chauvinistic? (BTW, my male companion gets a thousand Good Man Points for standing by my side through the three-hour walk through and paper signing ordeal.)

It is too late in the week to obtain a reservation at the beaches in Bodega, so the first destination is Marina near Santa Cruz. Hopefully the shipload of items I ordered from Amazon will show up before departure. Thank goodness for the solar panels. I am having a hard time finding a 30 amp cord in the local hardware stores. The nearest Walmart or camping store is an hour drive away. Anyone out there been to Marina?

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