Internet Pirates Have Stolen My Book


Hi all. Those of you who know me know that I have written several web-books which I built as online websites so anyone could read them. One was Crossing the Ocean Sea about the Portuguese discovering the Americas up to the year 1500, and one was Before Winthrop about the English visits to America before John Winthrop’s Fleet arrived to New England in 1630. I also had a section on Genealogy on which I posted tons of information about the research I’ve been doing on my family.

Somehow, those files have all been compromised. An internet pirate has been able to obtain at least some if not all of those files and do with them what they want. I believe the pirate obtained the files from

I had everything on a site that GoDaddy hosted. But when GoDaddy doubled their prices, I took the site down until I could figure out how to post everything on this WebPress site. I recently learned that after I closed down my old site, someone obtained the files for CrossingTheOceanSea, purchased the domain name, and placed my whole book on their site. Then they plastered it with ads from which someone is making money- but that sure isn’t me. I have been trying to reach the company that supposedly owns the domain name, but no one answers the phone and I get error pages when I try to click links to the company. I have notified the FBI. I have been communicating with GoDaddy. I will probably have to find a lawyer. Meanwhile, I want everyone to know that the version of Crossing The Ocean Sea that is online is not under my control. Some nasty old thief can manipulate the text to have it say anything they want.