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Family Trees

The Ancestors of Eileen Mary Hopkins (1925-2010)
and Thomas Winter Ames (1922-1991)

Page spread in the Ames Hopkins Family Tree showing the Ames Family

The latest version of my complete family tree is built in InDesign. From that I export searchable pdf files (see links below). The family tree extends across a timeline. It goes forward in time, not backward like most family trees. In the example above, I show the 2-page spread for the Ames Family line. My parents are on the right. Dad's father, Knowlton Lyman Ames Jr, is to Dad's left. My great-grandfather Knowlton Lyman Ames Sr is to the left of that. His father, Minor T Ames, it to the left of that, and so on. (The white gap in the middle of the spread is the gutter for the print book.)

In order to read my mother's information, it is necessary to scroll below all my father's relatives to the spread for the Hopkins Family line.

The pdf is completely searchable. There is an index of surnames at the front. Be prepared to wait a few minutes for the file to download. This document is copyrighted. I reserve all rights. Thank you for observing them.

Click for a low resolution pdf of Mary's Family Tree (8MB)

Print Book - A 2015 version of the above tree is available as a hardback print book on However, I am in the process of updating it and making it easier to read with page references. I am also adding a royal line I found recently. The new tree (pdf available above) traces back to Charlemagne (in at least four different ways), Robert I of France, Albert the Great of England and most fun of all, Rollo, chief of the Vikings. The line is through Dad's father's father's family. I will mount a newer version to by summer 2018. It is a bit pricey because it is 218 pages and full color. However, if you do the math, it is cheaper to buy the print book than to print out the color pdf file at a copy store and have it bound.

The Descendants of George James Thomas (1851-1943) and Victoria Annie Bissell (1861/63-1940)

In 2009, I visited my mother's mother's family in England. My second-cousins and I put together this illustrated family tree for the descendants of George and Victoria Thomas that we knew about. Click the image to the left for a medium resolution pdf. I don't update this tree, though I did add a few death dates before mounting it on this website. The most current ancestral information on the Bissells and Thomases is in the "complete" family tree linked to above.

For clarification, some of my second-cousins use the surname Bissell-Thomas. My great-grandmother Victoria Annie Bissell was one of six girls. The name would have died out if her son Harold Bissell-Thomas had not adopted the hyphenated surname. My grandmother Eileen Maud Thomas simply used Thomas.

Please, if you have anything to add or change, dash me an email.

The Descendants of Charles Gordon Ames (1828-1912)

In 2010, my third-cousin-once-removed Mary Ames Wolff compiled a family tree for the descendants of my great-great-grandfather Charles Gordon Ames and his first wife Sarah Daniels. With the help of over 200 cousins, I recently updated that tree. We added the descendants from Charles Gordon Ames’ second wife, Julia Frances (‘Fanny’) Baker. That includes me. Click here to obtain a low resolution pdf of the most current version of this update. Click here for a high resolution pdf and be prepared to wait a minute or two for the download. The actual document is 12 inches wide and 102 inches long. It needs to be printed on a roll printer.

If you have anything to add or change, send me an email.