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The Ancestors of Eileen Mary Hopkins (1925-2010)
and Thomas Winter Ames (1922-1991)

Ames Hopkins Family Tree example page

The latest version of my complete family tree is built in InDesign. From that I export searchable pdf files (see links below). The family tree extends across a timeline. It goes forward in time, not backward like most family trees do. In the example above, I show the 2-page spread for the Ames Family line. My parents are on the right. Dad's father, Knowlton Lyman Ames Jr, is to Dad's left. My great-grandfather Knowlton Lyman Ames Sr is to the left of that and so on. (The white gap in the middle of the spread is the gutter for the print book.)

In order to read my mother's information, it is necessary to scroll below all my father's relatives to the spread for the Hopkins Family line.

The pdf is completely searchable. There is an index of surnames at the front. Be prepared to wait a few minutes for the file to download. This document is copyrighted. I reserve all rights. Thank you for observing them.

Click for a low resolution (8.5 MB) pdf of Mary's Family Tree (Updated March 18, 2019)

The Line of Descent from Prof. Wm Douglas of Aberdeen to Thomas G. Winter

Thomas Gerald Winters line of descent from Thomas Winter, Mayor of Grantha, Peggy Anne Moore, Sarah Nowell, Ann Dunlop, Alexander Dunlop, Elizabeth Douglas, and William Douglas

To download a copy of the ancient documents that show this line, go to my Family Stories page.

The Ancestors of Charles Harris Hopkins (1837-1913)

Charles Harris Hopkins is my mother’s paternal grandfather. Born in Vassalboro, Maine, he migrated to California in the 1860s. Nearly all his paternal ancestors and probably most of his maternal ancestors were descended from early pilgrims. Regarding Mayflower ancestoral lines, he had four to Stephen Hopkins, three to William and Mary Brewster, and one each to Francis Cooke, Edward Doty, John Howland and Elizabeth Tilly. Charles also descended from the Reverend John Lothrop (an early and important Pilgrim minister on Cape Cod) and Thomas Prence (one of the six governors of Plymouth Colony). The early pilgrims settled on Cape Cod in the 1620s and 1630s where they intermarried for 180 years, hence cousins married cousins. In 1802 Charles' maternal grandparents, Prince and Betsy Hawes, migrated from Cape Cod to Maine. Two years later, Charles paternal grandparents, Prince and Phoebe Hopkins, joined their cousins in Maine. Click Charles' photo to download a pdf of the tree.

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The Descendants of George James Thomas (1851-1943) and Victoria Annie Bissell (1861/63-1940)

In 2009, I visited my mother's mother's family in England. My second-cousins and I put together this illustrated family tree for the descendants of George and Victoria Thomas that we knew about. Click the image to the left for a medium resolution pdf. I don't update this tree, though I did add a few death dates before mounting it on this website. The most current ancestral information on the Bissells and Thomases is in the "complete" family tree linked to above.

For clarification, some of my second-cousins use the surname Bissell-Thomas. My great-grandmother Victoria Annie Bissell was one of six girls. The name would have died out if her son Harold Bissell-Thomas had not adopted the hyphenated surname. My grandmother Eileen Maud Thomas simply used Thomas.

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The Descendants of Charles Gordon Ames (1828-1912) and his Two Wives, Sarah Daniels (1828-1861) and Fanny Baker (1840-1931)

In 2010, my third-cousin-once-removed Mary Ames Wolff compiled a family tree for the descendants of my great-great-grandfather Charles Gordon Ames and his first wife Sarah Daniels. With the help of over 200 cousins, I recently updated that tree. We added the descendants from Charles Gordon Ames’ second wife, Julia Frances (‘Fanny’) Baker. That included me. I've also added Charles and Sarah Jane's adopted daughter, Serena Marie, and her descendants.

Click here or on the image to obtain a higher resolution pdf of the most current version of this family tree. The document is 12 inches wide and 102 inches long. It needs to be printed on a roll printer, which can be pricey.

Click here for the same file broken down into printable 8.5 x 11 inch pages. At the end of this document is a short summary of the story about Charles Gordon Ames seeking his mother, Lucy Anna Thatcher. (For a more complete version, see the manuscript on my stories page.) Be prepared to wait a minute or two for this high resolution document to download.

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The Descendants of Henry and Lucy (Thatcher) Knox

Click here for a chart that shows the Charles Gordon Ames family tree in context with all of Henry and Lucy Knox’s descendants. Henry and Lucy had thirteen children, but only their daughter, Lucy, left descendants. She and Ebenezer Thatcher had eight children. Five left descendants including our CGA, whose legacy by far outnumbers those of his cousins. Today, there are more than two hundred living descendants of Henry and Lucy Knox through CGA’s line, and that is not counting adopted children. There are only six known living descendants from all the other lines.

This file is nearly 20" wide and 120" long. I have not broken it down into a printable version yet. This file must be printed on a 24" wide roll using a printer than can handle rolls. Most copy stores have these printers but they will charge as much as $125. Don’t waste your money on this web-friendly but low resolution file. Write me an email and I will get you a high resolution file.

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