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photo of snake ames near the pick-up in which he died in 1965

KLA Jr, aka Snake Ames - Photo Essay

In February 2018, the Sir Georges Roberts Memorial Library on Harbour Island in the Bahamas asked me for images of my grandfather for a retrospective of "residents who were colorful characters." Knowlton Lyman Ames Jr. was known as Snake Ames when he lived on the island from 1950 to 1965. He owned a ranch with more than 2000 chickens that is remembered now as the "chick farm." The house still stands. I gathered what I had about this Grandpop I never met into a booklet. The photo here shows him just a few months before he drove that pick-up off the end of that very pier by accident and drowned. (18 pages, 6.5MB)
photo of charles gordon ames in 1900

Charles Gordon Ames - Parent Search

My great-great-grandfather, referred to as CGA, spent much of his young adult life trying to figure out who his parents were. In 1828 he was abandoned to the doctor who delivered him a few days after his birth because her mother concieved him out of wedlock and her high society family did not want a scandal. I visited the Ames Family History Collection put together by my third cousins Mary Ames Wolff and her daughter Linda Jackson Cowan. The collection is now housed in the Schlesinger Library at Radcliff in Cambridge. I photographed CGA's letters, transcribed them and put them in a timeline to tell his story. (109 pages, 28MB)